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Comment here if your character(s) knew JJ from when he was in camp before, and tell me how well they knew him (met briefly once or twice, exchanged names but didn't really talk to him that often, idk my bff jj, etc).

Also, I redid a bunch of JJ's keywords, so if anyone goes looking through old threads, they're gonna look funny. Sorry!



Your Name/Alias: Ry
Age: 22
Character: Jemmy J. "JJ" Adams
Series: FAKE
Age: 27
Job: Romantic Persistence Counselor
Canon: Welcome to New York City, where the crime rate is as high as the heels on the local police force's shoes. Randy "Ryo" Maclean is a new arrival at New York's 27th Precinct, and finds himself partnered with Dee Laytner. Dee seems pretty dedicated into getting into Ryo's pants at first, but over the course of the series, real feelings form between the pair. Of course, what relationship can be allowed to form without numerous interruptions, from cases to children and coworkers, getting in the way?

One of those interruptions is a fellow detective in the 27th, JJ Adams. In love with Dee since their days at the police academy, JJ has a few habits that a less forgiving person might consider "creepy" or "stalker-ish". But really, his habits of greeting Dee by blindly flinging himself at him for a kiss, clinging to him at every chance, and occasionally doing things like flying to England to interrupt Dee's "romantic" vacation with Ryo are just signs of his deep and true love for his "Dee-senpai" (no, JJ isn't actually Japanese, but let's not hold that against him). But for all of his questionable behavior and childish tantrums, JJ is a good cop, and even has a more serious side! ...Sometimes.

Hello everyone!! My name is JJ, and I'm here to teach you how not to give up on the one you love, even when he might act like he wants you to! I'm sure most of you have had crushes before, or maybe even been in love. And no offense, but judging from the weird rotting smell coming from you guys, I bet you've all had a pretty hard time landing the guy, girl, or ...gorilla? of your dreams. But don't worry, with these super easy tricks, you'll be on your way to lifelong bliss before he even knows what hit him! Uh, I didn't mean actually hit him. But if knocking him out with somebody's leg and dragging him off works for you...

The first thing you need to learn is to always keep your eye on him. If you let him out of your sight, something terrible might happen! For example, he could be eaten by a grue! Whatever that is. Or worse, he might start thinking he's in love with his completely oblivious partner who clearly doesn't deserve someone as wonderful and perfect and manly and gorgeous as Senpai— Uh, I mean, the point is, you want to know where he is at all times. So try memorizing his daily schedule! That way, no matter if he's being dragged to 5 am breakfast at the mess hall, or enjoying a long walk in the green and purple glow of the lake at sunset, you'll always be by his side! Oh, and be sure to find out what cabin he's in, too! Everyone knows that there's nothing more romantic than watching the one you love sleep, so why not visit him at night?

Now I know what you might be thinking: "Isn't that breaking and entering?" Well, that or "braaaaains", but that's a little off topic! But trust me, I'm a police officer! It's not really breaking and entering if nothing gets broken! So all you have to do is find an unlocked window — preferably one that leads to his bedroom — and you're in! But remember to be prepared. The last thing you want is a squeaky window to wake him up and disturb that angelic expression on his sleeping face. So bring along some oil to get that squeak out. ...What's that? No, I don't see why lubing a window would make you sparkle.



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